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External window sills

External window sills

The most common external sills window sills are made of galvanized steel, secured provided for corrosion, powder coated hot there in white and brown, finished caps. Very durable and weatherproof.

Another option is the external window sills sill aluminum.

For special orders are also granite window sills made of natural stone. Granite can also be used as a plinth of the building and up the stairs.


Window sills internal

Window sills

PVC window sills - we share them on window sills and the chamber panel (imposed on the existing old window sills), culminating in the side of the caps. Available in several colors. They have a certain width of 18, 25, 30 35cm.

MDF sills - wood window sills made of pressed wood ground can be covered with paint resistant to various factors such as moisture scratches, available in various colors in matt, glossy sheen and a half. They can also be covered in a veneer - a thin slice of natural wood. They are now less resistant to moisture, scratches, etc. It should be remembered that the natural veneer changes over time its natural color - darker.

sills of chipboard - a very large selection when it comes to colors. Finished on the side. This material can also do kitchen countertops, be careful to moisture.
- FENORM HELOLIT windowsills - they have a stable core of glued laminated chipboard, very resistant to moisture. Cut to any width, finished on the sides, culminating nose. Very easy to clean, resistant to scratches.

sills HELOPAL - artificial marble Austrian company. Made of 80% real marble powder mixed with natural resins, which gives greater flexibility sill - no breaking. They can be used outdoors and inside buildings, weather resistant, crushing, squeezing. Available in several colors, culminating in the nose or straight, Cut to any width. They have the best value among the k coefficient of external window sills. Always warm and pleasant to the touch.

marble conglomerates - Italian marble of which the composition is 95-98% marble - marble slate glued resin 5-3%. The material is very resistant, available in several colors. The most popular is Botticino marble and Brecia Aurora. The thickness of these sills is 2 and 3cm. Phase can be finished, or półwałkiem Quarter rounds. The sides may be rounded. Enjoy very popular, that the nature of what the window trim fit. Work well as material on the stairs, the fireplace, shelves, elevations, etc.

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