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VELUX is a global leader in the manufacture of roof windows and tailored to their facilities. The system VELUX products can provide light and air in a controlled manner. Concern for the smallest details made the VELUX has established itself as a leader in quality, based on tradition of over sixty.

The company will find:
Attic windows: rotary, rotary wheels, doświetlające elements, balconies and windows in the roof convertible, hatches and windows, special purpose vehicles, accessories for windows;
solar collectors: used for heating water, heating or heating to promote swimming pools, covers up to 70% of the demand for hot water - profitable investment in the context of rising global energy prices. It is a high quality, durable system requiring a minimum of servicing operations, which perfectly harmonizes with the roof;
Accessories: shading blinds, pleated, standard, shutters, awnings, insect screens and accessories for manual blinds.

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FAKRO company is a leader in the manufacture and sales of roof windows in Poland. On the global market has reached 17-hundred percent participation. Its aim is to provide the highest quality products for the attic, that meet the needs of customers worldwide. For products that enable comfortable living in the attic are available in our offer include roof windows of different constructions and ways of opening, such as:
Rotary windows, windows tilt-swivel elbow windows, roof hatches, skylights. The windows are made from the best raw materials based on the latest technologies to ensure sustainability, security, functionality and very good thermal insulation parameters. Highest quality, ease and safety of use and innovative solutions enable selecting the appropriate roof window FAKRO to each type of room.
accessories for windows: blinds, interior blinds and exterior awnings outside, remote control systems, servo systems, smoke removal,
folding attic stairs.

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Windows SCHÜCO

Windows SCHÜCO

No other element of the facade does not attract as much attention as the window. Since 1951. ie more than 50 years Schüco name is synonymous with precision and robust and superior quality. The company is active in over 70 countries worldwide. It is a leader in Europe and most attractive brand in the industry, as evidenced by its participation in the implementation of many prominent buildings around the world.

An effective system of thermal insulation (k = 1.0) and the acoustic makes it expensive and exhausting heat loss noises coming from outside get forgotten. Schüco windows are products of the merging of the large variability in the selection of materials, aesthetics and broad application possibilities. It is also possible freedom of arrangement resulting from a wide range of glazing beads, hardware, door handles and wood veneers. Schüco offers its customers the shading systems and ensuring the protection of sunglasses. There are profiles of three-, five-, seven-and ośmiokomorowe. These windows have a lot of standard equipment, but also many additional features such as: brakes, hardware, latches, burglar-proof windows, door handles with a key, etc. nawietrzaki
Schüco windows can be made of aluminum or plastic. Thus it is possible to match the appropriate material for each type of elevation.

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